Children’s Sunday School – Christine McConnell


Currently, we have two Sunday school groups - children’s and youth. Our children’s Sunday school is for students in elementary school. Focused on coloring activities, fun games, and memory verses, our teachers look to create a strong Biblical base for the children. The goal of these class is to prepare the children to think critically as a Christian even at a young age.  

Youth Sunday School– Cody Ross 


Our second Sunday school  is for middle and high school. Focused on real life applications of Bible characters, verses, and additional reading materials from Christian Authors, our teachers our focused on solidifying our students faith by answering tough questions, providing in-depth and practical knowledge of the Bible, and critical thinking points about life as a Christian. Often, the students will walk through books that the adult groups are studying just at a slower level. We truly want to raise up our youth to be critical thinkers and active Christians. 


If you have any questions about the youth programs or would like to get involved, please reach our youth director, Joshua Finley at