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Joshua Finley Testimony

I grew up going to church every weekend. My dad was a pastor and my mom taught at the church. I always believed in God, but didn’t truly have a relationship with him. I mainly prayed that He would help me win basketball games and perform well in music – and He did. My senior year, however, most of that was taken away by two back-to-back concussions that sidelined me for my last year of basketball – dashing any hopes of a college scholarship. I’ve had ups and downs in my walk with God, but recommitted to living solely for him in my second year of college. Since eighteen years old, I have been open to serving as God calls me. I believe it is His will for every believer to use their different abilities to help others, serve God, and bring glory to Him. I thank God for every blessing that he has placed in my life from my family, my church, and ability to move with energy!