Sunday School 10:00 a.m.​

Young Adults Sunday School

The Young Adult Sunday School focuses on growing together in the word of God by going through books of the bible section by section and discussing how we can apply these versus to our own lives with a strong emphasis on prayer. This generally entails reading through the set of versus accompanied by a video series on what we are reading and then going back through with discussion on what we have read and heard throughout the video. Come with a Bible, an open heart, and look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Adult Sunday School. 

The Adult Sunday School class is an opportunity for attendees to go deep in the Word of God. Our general format is to cover in a teaching/discussion format, key passages of Scripture covered in the previous week’s Sunday morning sermon. For example, our church recently went through the book of Romans. If the first half of a particular chapter was covered in the worship service, then we covered that same passage the next week. This format calls each participant to not only hear the word, but to engage with it throughout the week. We heartily welcome you to attend this class.

Sunday Worship 11:00 a.m.

Our Sunday service is all about our Lord Jesus Christ.  Come worship with us as you are in a mix of contemporary and traditional styles.  Come listen to our pastor delivering God's message from His Word.


Celebration Sunday is the first Sunday of every month. Please come join us after the service for a meal and great fellowship.

Children's Church.

Children in grades K-5 are invited to participate in a special service downstairs where we worship and learn more about Jesus Christ.  

Worship Services

Come experience the love of Jesus from our people.  Worship Christ with us in a mixed contemporary and traditional setting.  Come as you are, Jesus loves you the way you are.